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Welcome Translators

Translate RightHere

Help us translate our plugins and themes

Welcome Translators

Translate WordPress Themes and Plugins

Thank you for stopping by the translation system!

You can learn how to get started, or go straight to the translation screen from the buttons below. GlotPress is an open-source tool to help translators collaborate. Anyone can help translate our plugins and themes using our GlotPress translation engine.

How does it work?

Sign up & Log in

First step is to create your account on our GlotPress platform and login

Pick Your Project

On the GlotPress screen, you will see our products and languages. Pick your product and language.

Translate Strings

Select the strings that needs work, and suggest a translation for it.


Download the translations in .po, .mo, .json, and a range of other file formats should you need it.