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Translator Expectations

Translator Expectations

The purpose of is to facilitate the translation of our plugins and themes and other projects into different languages, so everyone, regardless of their language, can use our plugins and themes. As such, this translation community is open to anyone who wants to help translate into their language.

As a community translator, you are expected to follow these guidelines.

Translator Best Practices

  • Use a friendly, personable tone.
  • Translate organically, not literally. Make translations sound natural while still conveying the message of the original. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the original wording to make the text sound more natural in your language.
  • Use previous translations to inform new translations. We encourage our translators to use the Locale-specific glossaries to ensure consistency across all translations.
  • Use familiar wording and terminology that all users in your language will be able to understand. Avoid slang, word or phrases that are not formal or literary, typically one used in ordinary or familiar conversation.
  • Be respectful to other translators and community members. Be friendly and encouraging to other participants. Do not insult others, use offensive language, or send spam.
  • Work together. Language is very subjective so you may not agree with your fellow translators on a translation. We will be looking for validators for each language.
  • Have fun!

Validator Best Practices

  • Approve translations that are accurate and natural sounding.
  • Edit any typos or mistranslations before approving.
  • Provide feedback to translators about suggested translations. If you reject a translation, let the translator know why the translation was rejected.
  • Improve existing translations that are inaccurate or don’t make sense in context.
  • Collaborate with translators to agree on language conventions, being respectful to translators and other validators.

Community Standards

We may temporarily or permanently suspend accounts that do not comply with these standards. We also reserve the right to remove any content deemed offensive.

Behaviors that do not comply with community standards include:

  • Posting offensive, intimidating, harassing, abusive, discriminatory, derogatory or demeaning content to or any of its related websites.
  • Insulting or harassing other translators in the community.
  • Sending spam or advertisements.

If you notice unacceptable behavior or offensive content here, please notify us immediately at